Passion keeps the world moving and gives us all direction. I have never understood people who are not passionate about something. Anything. I am passionate about making things.

Mostly I create museum-quality archival pigment prints by combining my photographs of models with architectural elements, drawings, paintings, and textures. I also paint (mostly acrylics and mixed media) and occasionally work with other media.

I tend to work on several images in a series at the same time. After releasing an initial group, I add new pieces to the series over time.

My main subject is the male form, which I find to be both beautiful and challenging. Although the human figure has been depicted for many centuries, each artist brings a unique vision or point of view. I try to juxtapose strength with vulnerability and a sense of uncertainly. Sometimes playfulness. You will occasionally find other subjects here as well.

My work is in private collections from coast to coast and in Europe. Many pieces here are available for sale.
Check out the work and feel free to contact me with your queries, comments, or special requests.